PTS Strongbelt

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Custom-made products

Custom-made production from the V-groove and timing pulleys area create a further challenge for our technicians. Together with our suppliers, we construct and produce your drive system according to exact technical guidelines.

This is also valid for timing belts made of polyurethane. Cam, special material and coatings make an individual product for the transfer of power from the PU timing belts.

Together we are strong: ... with Polyurethane !

"The right drive technology can move even big things" - this is our slogan. Our wide product range includes the concentrated competence of the belts made of Polyurethane. PTS Strongbelt special timing belts can be arranged with a back covering or can also be processed mechanically. Numerous innovative solutions in the transport technology are possible due to the wide variety of covering and processing possibilities in relation to the characteristics of the timing belt. Special timing belts manufactured as PTS Strongbelt -V- or even as PTS Strongbelt flex can also be arranged with extension spools. These PTS Strongbelt timing belts with extension spools are cast endless special timing belts and the extension spools are shaped by the outer part of the mold. Besides PTS Strongbelt offers the basic timing belts made of Polyurethane as open-ended timing belt, as welded timing belt and as timing belt with profile coverings.

We can offer the following mechanical processing possibilities to fit ideal to the requirements of our customers:

  • grinding of the upper surface of the belt or the groove width of the belt
  • finalize the upper surface of the belt or the side of teeth longitudinal
  • remove of single teeth
  • punching of the timing belt
  • separating the back coverings
  • assembling grooves into the upper surface of the belt / milling of the covering