V-belts, raw edge, moulded cogged

Strongbelt maximum

Strongbelt maximum is the new higher performance raw edge high power V-belt. The combination – extrem­ely low-stretch tension cord, highly abrasion-resistant chloroprene rubber with incorporated transverse fibres and carefully designed moulded cogs – guarantees versatile operational possi­bilities in all branches of machine building.


  • Belt sets formed without the necessity for re-measurement due to Strongbelt `L` equal length set codes are obsolete

  • Minimal belt stretch

  • Improved power transmission capability up to 15 % increase over conventional raw edge belts

  • Reduced costs resulting from the use of fewer belts

  • Smaller minimum pulley diameters

  • Smoother belt running

  • Higher drive efficiency

  • Superior transverse stiffness with no reduction in belt flexibility

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • Temperature resistance from –30 °C to +90 °C

Sections and lengths
XPZ 587 - 3550 mm
XPA 707 - 3550 mm
XPB 1250 - 5000 mm
XPC maximum 2000 - 5000 mm

Strongbelt 'L'= equal length

All raw edge, moulded cogged Strongbelt maximum V-belts are marked ‘L‘ standing for ‘equal length‘ and can be assembled into sets without further measurement. Therefore all belts of the same section and nominal length do not need length code numbers, re-measurement or tying into sets.
It follows that belt stock levels can be reduced resulting in lower costs

With the major construction improvements built into the new generation of Strongbelt maximum V-belts it is clear that only these belts should be used. Strongbelt maximum belts should never be mixed with older construction raw edge V-belts.


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