Timing belts chloroprene

Strongbelt premium

The high power timing belts for highly loaded, quick running machine drives

Compact synchronous drives are used in the entire mechanical drive systems technology. Efficiency, running behavior and operational safety are only some of the high demands which are put on timing belts. Modern production techniques and quality checks in all processing stages ensure products with high reliability at a constantly high quality standard. Strongbelt premium high power toothed belts were especially developed for high loads and quick running drives. Improved materials and an optimized combination of materials form the basis for this very high power spectrum.

All Strongbelt premium timing belts are serially durable against oil, heat, cold and ozone and weather-proof. There is not a special labeling.

Product features

antistatic  ISO 1813 (Profiles 8MHP, 14MHP)

Sections and lengths
3MP 111 - 1863 mm
5MP 120 - 2525 mm
8MP 288 - 4400 mm
14MP premium 966 - 4578 mm