Tradition for more than 30 years

PTS Power Transmission Strongbelt GmbH in Gütersloh has been internationally successful in the drive technology sector since 1982. Our high-quality drive belts are manufactured throughout Europe using German expertise. The metal drive elements are produced in the Far East to European standards in the quality for which we are known, and are subsequently imported.

The main focus of PTS Strongbelt GmbH originally lay in selling industrial V-belts and matching V-grooved pulleys. Over the course of many decades, however, our portfolio was adapted and expanded to meet current demands. Today, for example, we not only offer neoprene and polyurethane timing belts as standard supply but can also offer them as bespoke products.

Moreover, our portfolio also includes timing belt pulleys, which are increasingly custom built to drawings for you, the customer.

But in other areas of drive technology as well, such as roller chains, sprockets, flat belts, conveyor belts, couplings and other product groups besides, we are at your service as a powerful supplier and partner.